Your Guide To Building Muscle Mass At Home

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“Do I need to go to join a gym in order to workout and build muscle” is a common question often asked?. Without a doubt the response is a ‘no’. Of course there are disadvantages and advantages of working out both in a gym and at home. You can easily build muscle home.

Working out in a regular gym allows you access to all sorts of new and different types of equipment, you can get professional advice easily as well, plus it is likely to be much safer. However working out in a gym can be quite annoying at times if you have to que up for a piece of equipment or the other people working out there are not really as motivated as you are and are sat chatting about the latest television series or whatever.

There are many positves to training at home such as: very low cost, no travelling, train with your shirt off, listen to your own tunes, know waiting for certain equipment and you can yell at the bar as much as you want.

The downsides however are that you will have to make an initial outlay to buy some new equipment, however this equipment will likely last for a long time and can always be sold second hand anytime, you may also get some harsh words from your significant other if you take up to much space in the house.

Working-out at home allows you to build muscle mass at your convenience and if you go by the following how to build muscles fast at home guidelines you should not have a problem working-out at home:

1)Find a suitably large space, such as a garage, basement or spare room. A much safer option is to workout on a ground floor as it will be stronger. A well ventilated area would also be a bonus. Water proof your garage if that is where you workout as this will stop water making your weights rust.

2)Remove anything easily damaged permanently. There is a classic clip on youtube of a guy working out at home who whilst doing barbell curls puts the end of the barbell through the side of a fish tank! A good laugh unless you are the owner of the tank. Try to get a permanent set training spot, this will prevent any future mistakes like this. Imagine slipping a barbell into the scrren of a plasma tv ot dropping a dumbell on a new laptop, not too much fun.

3)Get the following pieces of equipment as a minimum: a set of cast iron dumbells and barbells, a weight bench, squat stand, a mat and a pull-up bar. There is a wide array of home gym equipment around by ensure that you purchase a strong and durable item as it will take an amazing amount of pressure over its lifetime!

4) Set out a decent workout. With the above equipment you can do all the classic muscle building exercises that will build muscle mass. Bench-presses, pull-ups, squats, dead lifts are all must have multi-joint exercises which should be used followed by exercises such as: barbell curls, upright rows, shrugs, lunges, shoulder presses, lateral raises and bent over rows are also great to include.

5) Consider the dangers. As you are going to be working out solo then get a friend over to help you if you are thinking of doing any heavy one rep maximums as this will help ensure your safety. Always ensure weights are securely locked on to the barbell. Some weight benches allow you to put a pin in at the bottom of your lift, when the barbell is just above your chest, do this as if you can’t press it back up then you can rest it on the pins, do the same on the squat stand too.

So, by following the above ‘how to build muscle home guidelines’ you can have a great workout, build heaps of muscle mass and all in the convenience of your own home.

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