Women and Bodybuilding

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Body building was primarily a sport for men, there are many reasons for this, such as strength when weight lifting and the type of physique they needed to compete. Nowadays there are many more women involved in the sport of body building, many women choose to participate in natural bodybuilding for numerous reasons, such as, wanting to get into better shape, wanting more well defined muscles and of course what most body builders want to lead up to is competing at a professional level.

The major problems that the majority of women body builders face is that of the use of supplements. Especially the supplements that contain high levels of testosterone, or the supplements that cause the body to produce higher levels of testosterone. These particular product will cause women's voices to become deeper, and will also cause unwanted hair growth on the body, which therefore includes the face.

There are ways that women can avoid these such problems by just using bodybuilding supplemental products that are specifically designed for women. There are plenty of these available on trhe market now. Also, if you worry about body building because you do not want the body or physique of a man, remember that testosterone is what will cause this. So you can help yourself by avoiding the products that are designed for men, you can then safely lift weights and do the body building exercises, which will give you that nicely toned, hard body look, without making your body have the look or physique of a man.

Body building does however have many benefits for women. Take for example, weight lifting will actually help to prevent bone diseases that are common in women, ones such as osteoporosis. Weight lifting can also benefit women because it builds more lean muscle, then will enable her to burn more calories, even when she is resting from a tough workout.

In the majority, women body builders do train pretty much the same way that the male body builders work out. They require the same nutrition program and schedule, although the amounts are more often than not smaller. They do require supplements designed for the female body, a workout program that works especially for them and their goals, and of course, they require plenty of decent and regular rest.

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