Why It’s Important To Know How to Build Biceps

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Learning how to build biceps as well as how to build triceps is something that most people spend too much time on.
Most people go about this the entirely wrong way and they fail to see any great results.
They might not understand why, but they know that something must not be getting done correctly because they reached a plateau or have failed to gain any strength or size at all.
You need to think in a different way and you will be on your way to better results with your biceps.
The major mistakes many unexperianced folks do is to think that biceps curls are the whole story.
Of course these exercises directly target the muscles you are going after, but at the same time there are other exercises that target your biceps in a secondary role.
If you do these exercises at other points in your routine, you’ll see that your biceps end up getting worked a great deal.
For example, chin-ups use the biceps muscles a great deal.
If you really want to hit your biceps muscles well, you can pre-exhaust them by doing a few sets of chin-ups before doing your curls.
Do three or four sets, then move straight to performing hammer curls.
You’ll see how much less weight you can handle than normal and how much of a burn your biceps feel.
Other exercises that use your biceps in a backup role include many types of rows, from seated cable rows to one arm rows and bent over rows.
Another big mistake that people make when trying to figure out how to build biceps is overworking them.
Your muscles need time to rest and rebuild, and if you don’t let them do this then they are going to become fatigued.
Your progress will cease and you’ll just be frustrating yourself along the way.
People who workout directly on their biceps a few times a week are in most cases overtraining them.
If you are doing too many sets than you are working too much on them as it is. Hit your biceps directly only once per week.
Perform a total of 6-10 combined sets for your biceps, and that’s it.
Anything more than that is too much, or shows you aren’t trying enough in the sets you do complete.
A great way to add some height to really get that biceps peak is to finish off your training with a set or two of concentration curls.
Grab a light dumbbell in one hand and get in a position as if you were midway down performing some squats.
Keep your elbow against your knee and curl the dumbbell up to your shoulder, being sure not to swing or bend in the process.
This will grow you quite a bit and its a recommended way to finish youe workout.
Using the principles discussed before, you can start your workout by performing three sets of chin-ups.
Then perform five sets of hammer curls and finish by performing two sets of concentration curls.
Ten sets, twenty minutes, once per week and your biceps will be torched. That’s all you really need.
If you’re looking for the best way how to build biceps don’t do the wrong things.
Don’t over train your muscles and don’t spend your time doing nothing but curls.
Mix things up and give your muscles adequate time to rest for far greater results.

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