Which Is Better Cardio Inside or Outside?

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One question I get asked all the time is whether running outdoors is better than running indoors. It’s true that a treadmill is great for running inside on chilly days, but is it more beneficial to your body than running out in the sunshine? The answer to this is fairly surprising.

There isn’t a big difference between running indoors and running outdoors. That said, there are small differences that you might want to keep in mind.


  1. Running Outdoors Improves Your Balance – when you run outdoors you’re going to encounter a lot of different terrain, which is going to mean that your body must make small adjustments as you move. You may have to jump over obstacles or run up and down hills or between trees. Running through rough terrain helps to train the tiny muscles in your body that are in charge of keeping you upright.The other benefit of this uneven terrain is that you are generally going to burn more calories as you adjust your intensity to your environment.
  2. Fresh Air – it may seem cheesy to say, but a great thing about running outside is that you get a change of scenery and get some fresh air. This isn’t a major benefit, but it is a small change that can make you feel better throughout the day. Running outdoors means that you can take a break and get away from the technology of the modern world for a while.
  3. You’ll Get More Vitamin D – Take the time to run outdoors means that you’re going to be in the sunshine and be getting a nice helping of vitamin D, which has been shown to play a role in cancer prevention and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Exposing yourself to direct sunshine has also been shown to lighten depression and increase your mood.

There are always going to be those folks who just don’t want to get outside and would rather stay chained to their treadmill.I can understand wanting to be inside where it’s comfortable and you can see the TV, but you’re missing something wonderful by not being outside. All in all, I’d opt for the treadmill on the stormy mornings, but running outside can take your fitness, both mental and physical to a whole new level.

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