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Finding a weihgt lifting program that works successfully just for you can seem like a never ending task. It can be easier if you consider everything that you want to get out of the weight lifting program. It does pay to be thorough when you are choosing the right weight lifting program that works for you as it could pay back ten fold if you find the perfect one.

You first need to see your doctor before undertaking any physical activites, especially when you are starting to do a weight lifting muscle building program as these are strenous and physically can be exhausting. You do not want to end up injuring yourself in the process of a weight lifting program, so it always best to have a medical before starting the program.

When you have seen your doctor and have been given the all clear, you then need to consider what it is exactly you want to achieve through a weight lifting program. Decide which part of your body you specifically want to work out and improve as this wills ave time later on. The part of your body that you do decide to work out through a weight lifting program, will ultimately decide on what kind of weight lifting exercise you will undertake. Take for example, if you wanted to exercise your chest muscles through a weight lifting program, then you probably use the dumbbell presses, incline dumbbell flies or what is known as flat dumbbell presses.

If you decide that it is your abdominal area that needs attention, you will more than likely need to perform such bodybuilding exercises as crunches or reverse crunches. If your are trying to tone and improve your abdominal muscles then you will need to include some amount of resistance training to see any real improvement. Resistance training will need to be used in all weight lifting programs and exercises, as it is the resistance that works the muscle.

If you are looking to improve the muscles in your back, the training you should be doing are exercises like the one-arm dumbbell rows, bent-over barbell rows, and pull ups. If you have, or want broader and stronger shoulders you should use exercises such as the overhead dumbbell presses, lateral dumbbell presses, and seated rows; and for arms you should include training exercise such as standing barbell curls, incline dumbbell curls, lying overhead triceps extensions, and flat bench triceps dips into your workout routine.

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