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90% of Getting ripped abs is learning how to eat properly. We’ve all got those abs, but they’re covered with subcutaneous fat. What it falls down to is that if you get rid of the fat, then the ripped abs come out. It’s easier to say it than do it. You can’t out train a bad diet. We can easily consume more calories than we can burn off.

Is being healthy and ripped more important to you 24 hrs a day than a few minute taste test.

Want ripped abs? Then start eating natural food that is nutritionally rich and low in calories. And take in less calories that you burn off. Achieving ripped abs may take more time than getting your arms ripped because you may have more fat deposited over that area than other areas.

Be patient and stay on track. The more you stick to the plan, the faster your chances are of reaching the goal. Do understand that it is okay to cheat.

If you keep to your plan 90% of the time then you will probably do just fine.

If you eat 6 meals a day, that comes to 42 meals a week. If you are on the 90% plan, that will allow you to cheat on 4 meals a week.

You can cheat within reason. On these cheat meals, it is not okay to pig out and eat too much. Allow yourself some of things you like that are not on the menu. And if you skip a meal, that is also cheating.

Regular exercise is also another part of burning more calories.

Strength and cardio are both necessary.

Strength training, whether with body weight or other resistance means is recommended..

Increasing your lean muscle mass will cause your body to burn more calories while resting.

I recommend choosing to do high intensity interval training (HIIT) over steady state low intensity cardio for cardiovascular training. Its advantage is that it can build muscle, increase your stamina and burn calories for 24 hours after finishing. Your body burns carbohydrates when you go anaerobic during cardio. During your rest for the next 24 hours or so, your body will dip into its fat stores to replace the carbs it needs for fuel. Intense interval training has the advantage of burning calories for 24 hours or more after training.

Doing a low intensity steady state cardio tends to waste muscle and only burn fat while you’re doing it with no afterburn.

Think about it, which body would you rather have, the sprinter or the marathoner? It’s a no brainer for me, I’ll take the sprinter, looks better and is more functional.

Most sports that you play and things that you do are done in short bursts with recovery periods, rather than long low intensity marathons.

Keep in mind that there are multitudes of exercises for the stomach in addition to other body parts. I believe the best ab work is the functional type where you’re on your feet and you’re making your abs work to connect the upper passenger unit of your body to the lower locomotor unit. Most athletes are weak in this area. By working your abs you will also increase their size and make them stand out more.

In summary; eat clean and take in less calories than you expend during rest and use exercise to produce a higher calorie deficit.

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