What Type Of Fitness Is Needed For Kitesurfing?

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The popularity of kitesurfing has seen staggering growth recently. Incredibly, the sport is seeing its participation levels rise faster than all other water sports according to the sport’s national governing body. It is also one of the fastest growing extreme sports out of all of them also, and it seems people are ditching their snowboards in favour of kites, as snowboarding growth has recently been overtaken by this great sport . If you want to take up the activity however, you’re body better be in pretty good condition. Here are the key areas you will need to work on.

  • Upper Body Strength. This is often considered one of the most vital fitness elements that you need to develop. The upper body is responsible for around 75% of the work load when you’re on the water and if you want any chance of staying in control, it is vital these muscles are conditioned. The main muscle group you need to work on are the deltoids (shoulder muscles). These act as stabilising muscles and also have to control a lot of force through the arms. Also focus on the pectoral muscles and those of the upper back
  • Core Strength. Due to fact there is so much movement and various directions of force taking place in the sport, your core muscles should be well trained. A core stability ball is a very useful piece of equipment to use to develop core strength. Weights will also need to be including in your core work to enable you to replicate the force levels that you would experience when actually performing the sport. Often the kite will want to pull you in a direction you do not want to go so it will be your developed core strength that will let you remain planted
  • Aerobic Fitness. Whilst most people may not think the sport is aerobically based, work will still need to done on your lungs and heart. Because lots of different muscles will be called upon frequently, the energy systems will be calling for incredible amounts of oxygen and will be creating large amounts of lactic acid and carbon dioxide. You will feel the effects quite early on if you lungs and heart cannot feed the muscles with oxygen quickly enough and remove harmful bi-products at a steady rate. Cycling or running are very good methods to develop your CV fitness.

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