What Are The Real Muscle Gaining Secrets?

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With so much hype around these days i thought it would be interesting to take a look at how people build muscle and if there are really any muscle gaining secrets that you need to know?

To be successfull at packing on muscle we must take a look at what is involved, every one knows that if you go to the gym often then you will get bigger, right?

Well it may not be quite as straight forward as that, the type of workout you do must be designed for a specific purpose and to achieve the results required.

For example, if you are training for a sport that requires great stamina your workouts will include a higher number of reps with lighter weight or resistance involved. You would probably not want to develop muscles that are too large as this can lead to a faster burn out time.

If however it is greater strength and larger muscle mass that is important, then your best workout will consist of a smaller number of sets and reps, but using larger weights and resistance.

Something that may be considered a “secret” to gaining muscle is that you do not really put on muscle at the gym. What really happens during your exercise schedule is that the muscle tissue is damaged and it is in between this, on your rest days, when the damage is repaired and the muscles regrow stronger and larger.

If you think about it then it will become clear that you need the right amount of rest, as well as the correct exercise and workout schedule.

Diet and nutrition will also play a major part in the success of any muscle building program, making sure you have sufficient proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients will ensure that your muscle repair and growth is maximised.

These are just a few of the “secrets” that can determine the success of any muscle building program, you can find out more about muscle gaining secrets here.

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