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There are a number of commercials on TV promising to give you firmer, sexier abs — from Bowflex to Hip Hop Abs. Consumers are often skeptical and wonder, “Is it really possible to lose weight, sculpt my body and define my abs through repetitive exercises each day?” The truth is, many people desperately want to believe in these fads, gimmicks and quick fixes. They say, “If I can just get started with this video, I’ll be motivated and on-track.” For some individuals, this is true. Yet for others, they are their biggest enemy. Finding the right fitness instructor can make or break their success at weight loss and muscle definition. For others, simply purchasing a video like Work Your ABS Workout by Peter Carvell will not suffice.

The Work Your ABS Workout DVD is a creation of Peter Carvell, a man who let fitness and exercise fall by the wayside until he reached 276 pounds. Peter hit rock bottom with his self image, his mood and his health. He began training under fitness expert Vince Delmonte to lose 100 pounds and rediscover his old self again. The “before” and “after” pictures of Carvell’s transformation are truly astonishing. As with many individuals who have conquered their fears of exercise and attained their goals, Peter created this video to inspire and help others to get fit just as he did.

Work Your ABS Workout is a top seller on www.amazon.com, although there aren’t very many reviews back about the effectiveness of this DVD. One lone person said that “it takes awhile before you see the actual exercises after the instructor gets done talking about nutrition, warming up, etc” — but added that this was “one of the better abs videos” purchased over the years. Testimonials on Peter Carvell’s site claim that people have lost 12 to 14 pounds on the system. This video is not based on gimmicks but rather focuses on curbing behavior.

Work Your ABS Workout isn’t a magic cure for the tummy, but it’s a good start for people who aren’t sure where to turn. Sure, you could look up many of these exercises on your own and put together a daily routine. However, many people buy exercise videos for the motivation and this one includes some important insights to help you achieve your weight loss goals, in spite of yourself. For .97, this video is an inexpensive motivator and you can do the workout in the privacy of your own home, which is convenient.

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