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Records are concepts that apply to professional competitions or personal evolution, but in both cases there is something motivational about them. In the much wider sense of weightlifting contests, records should normally stimulate an athlete to improve personal performance. Moreover, the idea of absolute strength corresponds to the same tendency to set weightlifting records as an athlete keeps trying to lift more and more weight. The records are expressed according to calculations that take into consideration not only the lifted weights but the athlete’s category too. Based on these ratings, formulas are further used to determine the weightlifters’ strength level.

weightlifting record

It is interesting to understand the relevance of the speed with which exercises are executed for the weightlifting records. The capacity and the maximum time during which one is able to keep the barbell lifted as well as the number of weights are conclusive for the overall athletic performance. The official weightlifting records are the responsibility of official organizations that keep the archives and competition details. Olympic weightlifting records are by far held in the highest esteem, although we should also refer to the importance of personal records too.

world record weightlifting

A personal log that you keep regularly can help one identify the peaks of force training. There is a standard level from where all beginners start, but from case to case, muscle mass development certainly differs. Some weightlifters achieve results in a short period of time while others have a longer road to travel. Personal weightlifting records are therefore relevant for the progress made and the time frame required. When talking about amateurish training, strength, body looks and muscle growth seem to overlap in a common, complex goal. Unless you take weightlifting records very seriously, the objective analysis of the evolution is not possible.

weightlifting records

Weight training is seldom enough for the complete muscle growth, and many people tend to overlook this aspect. Lifestyle, diet, rest and overall program play a role in physical development. Weightlifting records have no purpose in particular unless they serve for personal motivation and future reference. There is hardly any muscle gain if you train chaotically and too intensely. In the absence of a clear technique, approach or bodybuilding program, the weightlifting records have little significance in themselves, and can merely point to the existence of some mistakes in training.

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