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As you go through the different phases of your weight training routines, many simply go along without much understanding, not knowing how the body reacts to the routine you may choose. Your bodily cells acts with outputs from inputs that you introduce. While trying to make the most of the outputs given by the development of cells in the muscles, we could end up stretching them and damaging them, hurting new cell growth. To get the best weight training routines, we must think about how the muscles interact with each other.

With this knowledge, it is important for any body builder to have sufficient knowledge to train themselves. Always make sure that you allow enough time for your muscles to react to the best growth possible. You must also ensure that you do not needlessly slow down your muscle cells from growing to their max.

In order to maximize this, train your target areas in pairs on alternate days, this will allow your muscles to grow to their full capability. Try training your muscles simultaneously on different days. Imagine just how your muscles move (shrink and expand) while your training. Some common target groups are biceps & triceps, chest pectorals & deltoids, quads & hamstrings etc. Let’s see a few prime examples.

If you train your biceps and triceps on Monday and rest them on Tuesday. Muscles will work and develop as a pair, and coimplement each other as they grow. An opposing muscle group is biceps and triceps and they work well together. As an example: When doing a amr curl, you expand the triceps (even though it might not feel like it) while contracting the biceps. It is due to the way they loosen and contract in harmony that makes them ideal to train together. For best results, dont train them independently and let them increase in mass in unison. 

We should merge our weight training routines to work separately. Work your non-competitive muscles individually. Merged weight training workouts includes:

  • Biceps and back muscles routine.
  • Triceps and chest/pectorials routine.
  • Calves and quads routine.
  • Dead lifts and hamstrings routine
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