Weight Training Routine For Big Arms

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Huge arms rank right at the top for most people when they start weight training. Who wouldn’t want rock hard arms with tall peaked biceps complimented by large horseshoe shaped triceps?  These are the glamour muscles and it tells the world “Hey look at me”. You need to take the guesswork out of building big arms and gain a real understanding. Don’t be fooled by what you hear in the gym about building big arms you need to follow a set plan. Building big arms and packing on the muscle is not as hard as you think it is. It’s all about picking the right weight lifting program.

Truth about your arm workouts

To maximize the benefits of your arm workouts three things must be taken into consideration that most weight lifting programs don’t address.

  1. The biceps and triceps are small muscle groups that when overworked will not grow large.The fact is if your weight lifting program includes compound exercises, ie: Bench Presses, Squats, Dead Lifts, Pull ups or any of the other compound exercises that workout a large portion of your body, then you are stressing the biceps and triceps already. Isolation exercises aren’t really neccessary if you are already doing these compound exercises. If you want big arms you should stop using some of these isolation exercises.
  2. Any pulling exercises are giving your biceps a heavy workout. Most of the exercises that work out your back are also working out your biceps. As you increase the weight in these exercises the biceps have to grow to be able to pull the weight effectively. There is no reason to do multiple sets of curls after doing a heavy back workout. All you are doing is hurting your efforts to gain size.

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  3. If your triceps weight lifting program calls for a full session of working out the triceps then here is something you will want to consider. Your triceps have already reached their growth potential for the week by doing bench presses and shoulder presses. If you workout your triceps to much this small but very strong muscle will get overworked.

These facts illustrate the point that huge arms are more the direct result of doing heavy compound exercises than doing a lot of isolation exercises. With this being the case you can still do a small amount of arm training. If you still want to workout your biceps and triceps then do it in moderation. But be careful not to overtrain these small muscle groups and actually retard their growth. This would result in what you have now, small arms..

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