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A weight training log is the only way to tell whether you are making any progress with your gym work or not. When progress is not visible, you thus have the chance to look over the entire workout routine and identify the mistakes. Training too much or too little, these are common mistakes. There are many ways to organize the weight training log: the traditional form is to have columns for all every set and workout so that you may know the sets you perform, their date and the resistance. The direct mention of the weight increases could be another essential weigh of organizing the weight training log.

weight training logs

Let’s take a practical examples and see what things should be like. For instance, if last time you trained you did eight sets of bench presses with 205 pounds, on your new session you may hit the same 205 pounds but this time in nine reps. There is usually no growth in resistance, muscle mass or strength when you train at the same level all the time. The best way to create a weight training log within minutes is to print ready made customized workout sheets.

training log weight

The body weight before the training should be put down in a separate column. Although weight is not always relevant for the results of gym training, it is sometimes helpful particularly if you try to burn fat and replace it with lean muscle mass. Don’t forget to include a cardio section in the weight training log too. You can keep track of workouts in relation to the cardio exercises. It seems that when performed before the weight training, the cardio routine reduces the intensity of the exercises.

weight training log

Such a section in the weight lifting log can help one better keep track of the evolution. Did you know that mood for instance affects your training? If you include a section for mood in the log, you will be able to determine if the success of your exercises is not influenced or impaired by the way you feel when you train. Normally, pertinent observations can only be made if you analyze the weight training log entries for several weeks in a row. If high energy levels define your mood at 5 pm every Monday, then, that is a great time to train, but this is just an example of how you can use the mood section in your advantage.

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