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Many different sports require you to jump high. In basketball you will be able to out rebound; in football you will be able to rise above your defender, in soccer you will reach the ball first, in karate you will strike your opponent effectively.All athletes should work on improving these skills.

Increasing your vertical leap begins with developing certain muscle groups.  Not suprisingly, the most important muscles are the hamstring, calf, and quadracep muscles.These muscles are what generate your jumping ability, so the more they are developed, the better you will jump.

However, the arms and shoulders are also very important to develop as well.Your take off will be better if you can forcefully swing your arms upward.

There are lots of different physical activities which can help to build these muscles.The power of jumping, however, comes from explosion and power, not endurance.  So, when you train your muscles, train with this focus in mind.Focus on workouts that are short and powerful.You will see better results if you train for quickness and power.

Your ability to increase your vertical leap will also be determined by your general health.  This means eating a healthy diet and staying in overall good physical condition.  You should eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with plenty of protein.As you train correctly, your body will be allowed to build the muscle it needs.

Basketball players that have great jumping abilities tend to be very thin.There is nothing wrong with following this example.Less weight will translate into you getting higher off the ground.Despite this, body builders are actually known for having some very good jumping abilities.  Which are certainly not known for being slim and trim.  This fact just underscores the importance of building muscle to improving your jumping.

Start focusing on your vertical leap if you are serious about competing in the world of sports.This will allow you to rise above your competition and truly be satisfied with your own performance in the world of sports.

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