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The six pack is not that easy to shape particularly since the abdominal muscles require a lot of training in order to become visible. Besides a very tough ab workout, a full body training routine and a strict diet work hand in hand. This abs workout is influenced by a number of factors. And under-training or over-training are the main mistakes that you could make. Have a look over the following tips to create a good ab workout strategy.

Regardless of the level of training, you should organize the ab workout by abdominal circuits. The exercises have to be performed at least two or three times a week, allowing for the strengthening of the abdominal muscles while also respecting the necessary rest period. With enough recovery time between the abdominal exercises, the ab workout will bring results earlier.

All the abdominal and waist muscles should be trained, therefore, do not neglect the obliques, the lower or the upper abdominals. Organize the ab workout  according to sets of exercises with a certain number of repetitions. The increase in the number of reps should be of two per week so that the gradual increase of the effort may allow for a harmonious development of the muscle mass. Sticking to the same number of reps would trigger the appearance of a plateau phase from which there is no more evolution.

Then, the ab work out also depends on the variation of the exercises. You can build an individual training pattern or take up one you have heard much of. Even so, don’t make the mistake of believing that the ab workout can get you rid of the belly fat. Regardless of which you choose, do not believe that the belly fat can be eliminated by the ab workout alone. This myth of weight loss should be debunked once and for all. Large fat deposits can very well hide hard-rock muscles. Therefore any form of abdominal training should be supported by cardio exercises and diet.

Strength training, regular cardio exercises and low-calorie diets go hand in hand with the ab workout. Remember that the abdominals are just some other muscles in the body, and that the rest need your attention too. After lots of training efforts and constant monitoring, many people discover that the six pack is out of reach even if they have a flat abdomen. Be realistic about your physiognomy, your health, body shape and lifestyle and then you’ll know how to define your fitness goals!

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