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Vince DelMonte

Vince DelMonte


Who is Vince DelMonte? Vince DelMonte’s long and twisted road to becoming a skinny guy expert began in total fantasy, his high school name was “Skinny Vinny,” he dreamt of changing his physique from skinny to muscle mass.


As a teenager this seemed a farfetched dream, especially DelMonte’s background as a wire framed runner


When college came along Vince found himself mixing with well made guys who seemed genetically blessed with muscle building frames. Vince did not even have a sexy six pack of firm rock solid abs; at his extreme heaviest he could not break the 150 lb limit.


Although Vince lacked muscle mass he was extremely successful in his own right. As an excellent athlete Vince DelMonte was a man built for running, he indeed ran for his university of Western Ontario. Vince was part of the Ontario track running team and was a member of the school cross country team for all four years of his college days. In contrast Vince competed for his beloved Canada in triathlons.

Vince DelMonte was proud of his athletic achievements and rightly so, although he still continued in his search to get bigger muscles and to gain that six pack of rock hard abs. He then began his master plan to get his body as ripped as he possibly could. When May 2002 came around, Vince DelMonte had made up his mind to end his affiliation with running and never looked back once.


Vince no longer had the burden of the athletic requirements of staying thin and light in order to run the events he did so well at in his younger years, he craved muscle gain.


After he graduated from university with a kinesiology, DelMonte began his first steps by becoming a personal fitness trainer. Although Vince was good at his job, he still dreamt of that large muscle mass frame which he dearly wanted, and that would go on to change his life forever.


During the first year of his famous transformation, DelMonte trained harder than he ever did before. By October of that year Mr DelMonte’s muscle mass and six pack were developing rather well. His progress was certainly admiral, but it soon stalled. As for the following two years Vince struggled to add any more muscle to his physique.


Worse was yet to come, he began to get fat not muscle, the firm six pack of abs slowly diminished and his middle became weak, his diet started to fail and he like so many before him was slain by the dreaded pizza and a lifestyle of beer and nachos took over. When Jan 2005 came Vince soon realized that if he did not address his issues he would be known as fatty Vinny which seemed even worse than being skinny Vinny.


After some soul searching Vince DelMonte once again set out on his mission to create a body building physique that anyone would be proud of. In just 3 Months Vince worked his socks off and changed his body back to his 2002 muscle building physique. No longer able to get back to 150 lbs Vince found himself happily and comfortably weighing in at 190 lbs.


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