Treadmill Form – Why Good Treadmill Form Enhances Your Training

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Good treadmill form is the key to maximizing your efforts and efficiency when treadmill training. Poor form can lead to bad habits that can create tightness and tension in your shoulders, neck and back that will absolutely suck your drive away. Aside from the obvious benefits to training level and health improvements it minimizes the amount of stress on your body and makes training a lot more enjoyable.

Now most treadmill owners are road runners as well so the basics of the running form apply, In a nutshell:

1) Your posture and spine should be straight, 2) your head up and looking forward, 3) keep your arms at 90% and at waist level, swinging from your shoulders 4) Relax hands, don’t clench your fists, 5) Relax shoulders and square them up forward, 6) swing your arms back and forth not side to side…7) Land in the middle of your foot and roll through to your toes.

Keeping proper treadmill form takes a certain amount of concentration, if you avoid the distractions you’ll have a better chance of maintaining good form. It might not seem like much but it really doesn’t take a lot to turn away your attention, next thing you know you’re staring at your feet and your neck is killing you.

If you all ready have good running form, you might consider these tips – When your training, don’t stand so close to the display or console. Not only does it keep you mesmerized and looking down, but you don't give your self enough room to run comfortably in stride. If you own an ipod, do whatever it takes to get the ear phone cables away from in from of you. Get the ipod armband that keeps it to the side and out of view. Basically, keep distractions away and you’ll be able to keep better treadmill form.

Another thing to keep aware of but might not be so easy to overlook when trying to concentrate, is, sometimes on a treadmill you feel like you’re not running in a straight line. If you get this in your head you’ll be fighting it all the way through. Some lower quality treadmills might have some play in the track from side to side, but it shouldn’t be enough to be harmful but it just might be enough to think you’re not running straight. The best thing to do is to get it in your head that you won't fall off, after a while it will go away. Or you can go for one of the upper scale treadmills.

If you concentrate on your treadmill form, your training will seem effortless, you'll avoid unnecessary aches and pains and your time will improve. Proper treadmill form is just as important as your running shoes, but is never given such consideration but it can make your treadmill training much more rewarding. I hope these treadmill tips help you out!

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