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Buying a gym membership, training each muscle group once a week and knocking back a couple of protein shakes is unfortunately not the way to cut the mustard if you want to learn how to get buff.

This article has been written so you can learn some very simple steps to make your muscle gain goals.

The squatting and dead lifting are the two of three techniques known through the industry for getting muscle gain. Believe it or not, these two core exercises train around 75% of your muscle group. In this percentage, your shoulders, triceps, traps, calves and hamstrings are the main groups included. These exercises have massive benefits to your overall muscle mass and of course body size by themselves. You have to hold onto them anyway.

To learn how to become buffed, what other fundementals do you need to know?

Just one point to observe for these two exercises. The reason as to why they are so beneficial to overall muscle growth is because both workouts have such a high level of intensity that they will release a greater amount of growth hormones. The effect of this will be bigger and more finished muscles.

These two exercises are especially important if you are on the skinny side and struggle to gain muscle as the hormone spikes are intense which results in major muscle growth over your entire body. If you use the squat or deadlift, you will understand what i am discussing about. You will definitely experience it everywhere after three heavy sets of 8 when you stand up.

Record your break periods honestly!

Did you notice of everyone who was using a stopwatch when training the last time you were in a gym ?

It is not common for weight trainers to time themselves between sets which is funny as this is so crucial and valuable in building muscle successfully.

Go for shorter rest time if you are training for muscle size as a general rule of thumb. If you have longer recovery periods between sets, you are not giving your metabolic system a good workout which is a serious factor in muscle building.

You will not know if you are getting stronger if you do not watch your rest periods.

Here is an example for you to reflect about.

If you are bench pressing extra this week than you were lifting last week, and if your relax period between sets were exactly at 50 seconds. Awesome and good effort is what i would say. You have obviously had progression with a significant enhancement. If this week as a difference you try 60 seconds rest periods between sets instead of 30 seconds. All of a sudden, this improvement isn’t as noticeable as when you have taken shorter rest breaks, as your muscles have had time to recover. Something to think about for certain as you understand how to get buff.

I hope this article on how to get buff will allow you to take away some important lessons which you can try today. Read the report on the No Nonsense Program for learning how to get buff.

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