Top 3 Aerobic Exercises to Burn Major Calories Fast – The Best Cardio For Fat Loss

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In this article you will learn the best cardio exercises for fat loss. Most people don’t understand it but if you truly want to lose fat it’s much better then to burn the fat then to starve it. And the only exercises that burn fat are aerobic exercises.

What exercises are considered aerobics Nowadays there are a lot of trendy classes where you can “get in shape”. Think about dance-classes, choreographies-classes or jumping up and down. It is impossible to burn fat without using oxygen. Real aerobics for fat loss means that the exercise must follow certain points. – the workout is rhythmical in nature – It involves large muscle groups – It can be sustained continuously for long periods of time (20 to 60 minutes).

Brisk Walking

This is the simplest and best Flat Stomach Cardio Exercises you can do everyday . The best way is to find a partner to do it along with you. Then you won’t ever miss it.


This not only burns the fat around the tummy area, but also increases your stamina to work.

Stairclimbers Stairclimbing is another great exercise to lose fat. If you stair climb for ten minutes you have burned already 100 calories. This exercise is not only a good fat burning exercise but it makes you lean and sexy as well.

If you are just starting out on your workout then you will need to choose a aerobics DVD that is not too advanced, start with one that has basic aerobics steps so you can follow along with relative ease, remember the more you do the better you will become and you can graduate to moderate and then to advance. You want to make sure that your workouts challenge you physically, that way your body will become more efficient at burning fat and you will be on your way to reaching your fitness goal.

Speaking of fitness goal, before you begin make sure to check with your doctor to ensure that it’s ok to start an exercise regiment. Once you get the all clear form your doctor, you must put together a workout schedule and plan. This is very important because you want to stay on track to reach your goals. Before you get started you should record things like you weight, the measurement of your arms, legs, waist, hip buttocks chest, also try to find out you BMI of body mass index and your fat % ratio. This will give you a starting point and as you progress through your workout you can record your improvements, this is a very big moral booster and motivational tool.

This is the truth fat loss is not difficult but it take action from your side. Knowing what the best cardio exercises for fat loss are does not mean anything if you don’t implement it into your own life. And last but not least you need to make proper food choices as well. It is absolutely not true that you can get a lean body by taking pills or supplements while watching TV and eating a donut.

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