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Abdominal muscles are very responsive to training, and in normal conditions the shaping of these muscles so as to create the famous six pack should not be that difficult. Unfortunately, weight loss is usually the main objective of abdominal exercises because people don’t know that spot reduction is not possible. The storing of fat in the mid section of the body is very common at all ages, although people in their forties are the most exposed to it. Many overweight people who start doing sit ups and crunches believe that they will reduce this fat around the waistline, but they are wrong. Nevertheless, the results mainly include the toning of the abs and not the excessive stripping of fat deposits.

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Toning abs may work despite the extra weight but the results of your workout will not be visible. So as to actually see your muscles grow, you have to get them out of the fat deposits. Weight loss occurs evenly, and there is no way to eliminate fat from the abdomen alone while keeping it untouched on the thighs. There is no way to program weight loss in one precise body area. Cardio and aerobic training stimulate the burning of calories and contribute to fitness. The heart rate increases, more oxygen is pumped in the muscles and the fat deposits become a source of energy that is burned during the process.

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Lots of other toning abs myths revolve around special machines and equipments meant to sculpture your body in a wonderful way. Well, once you have eliminated fat, the toned abdomen comes with hard work, with the crunches and sit ups that you thought to be inefficient when trying to spot reduce. The truth is that there is no magic pill or equipment that can inflate your muscles overnight. Don’t believe commercials and don’t waste hundreds of dollars on gimmicks.

toning abs

Do not mistake a slim waistline for a firm abdomen. Toning abs is different from reducing the amount of body fat, as we have already pointed out. For toning abs, you should commit to a resistance program meant to push the limits of the muscle fibers. You could even notice a certain growth in the waistline together with the development of the abdominal muscles, precisely in the obliques and the upper abs. Yet, this is only the case when you have gone beyond the six pack level and you continue training at high rates. Except for this situation, the waistline only increases when you put on weight.

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