Tips to increase the body’s natural testosterone levels

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What’s the need for the body’s level of testosterone to be raised?

This is a natural hormone produced in every one of us. This hormone helps develop and build body muscles in every individual. The degree to which this happens, however, may slightly vary from one person to another.

If you’re someone who’s looking to gain muscles, increasing the natural testosterone level in your body may be the best solution. The more your body produces this hormone, the better.


Testosterone is useful in various functions within the human body. While the hormone primarily aids in increasing the lean body muscle and libido, it also assists in energy production, formation of bones, and ensures that the body’s immune system functions properly.

Although this hormone is produced in both men and women, women produce this hormone in much lower levels than men. Due to this, women can’t develop as much muscles as men can even if they work out.

The rate at which you can build your body muscle depends on the testoterone level along with a few other factors. Regardless of how hard women work out, they can’t build their muscles as much as men can due to the comparatively lower levels of testosterone in them.

It’s therefore, very important that you increase your body’s natural testosterone levels in order to enable muscle building.

Regularly follow a few simple diet and training mechanisms listed here to enhance your body’s natural testosterone level:

· In order to increase the the testosterone level being produced in your body, your body muscles need to endure a great amount of pressure and strain. Some exercises that can help you here are chin-ups, bench presses, military presses, squats and lunges. Ensure that you start your workouts with the following exercises.

· Training the legs is as tough as training the upper body. Intense leg training will assist muscle building in various other parts of the body.

· Work out at maximum intensity all the time. Your exercises need to be intense for your body to produce more testosterone.

· Estrogen, the female hormone has an opposite effect on Testosterone, the main male hormone. Estrogen is known to be induced by soya products. So, any soya-product intake needs to be avoided or minimized.

· Alcohol content in the body will not allow body building as they also have an opposite effect on the levels of testosterone. So try to stay as far away as possible from alcohol and alcoholic products.

The intake of foods such as peanuts, flax seed oil, avacadoes, and canola oils that carries Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) must be increased.

· Brussel sprouts, broccoli, radish, and turnips, vegetables known to reduce estrogen levels greatly, should be included as part of the regular diet.

· Testosterone levels can drop sharply due to increased levels of stress in the body. When there’s a huge amount of stress, Corsitol, the cause for the the reason for the testosterone level drop, is produced in the body. Therefore, always maintain a low stress level.

· Be sexually active. Being sexually active induces the production of the oxytocin hormone in the body. Oxytocin in turn increases the production of endorphin, which is known to increase the natural testosterone levels in the body.

· Last, don’t overdo it. Sleep well and let you muscles recover.

An alternative to following a regular diet and training is to use natural or synthetic methods of increasing the testosterone levels.

Instead of using artificial means, try using natural system that are usually safer than artificial means.

To increase the testosterone levels, transdermal patches can also be used on the skin. In this method, the testosterone is drawn into the blood via the skin.

Creams, gels, injections, and pellets are also available to increase the hormone.

Now that you know the basics of Increasing your natural testosterone levels check out how to develop muscles rapidly to achieve your maximum muscle potential!


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