The Worth of Cardio Exercise

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The importance of cardio exercise programs is relevant not only for weight loss but for health improvement too. The name of cardio that applies to very intense physical exercises is given by the intense stimulation of the heart during the activity. This means that with a more intense heart beat, more blood gets pumped towards the muscles and burns fat as a means of energy consume. The entire body gets stimulated in a cardio exercise program, and here besides the muscles and the skeletal we also include the respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems as well. Plus, the metabolism accelerates because more energy is necessary to cope with the sustained effort.

As long as it stimulates the systems in the parameters mentioned above, any intense physical activity can turn into a cardio exercise. Experts in fact stress out the importance of sticking to one activity you like for better results and personal satisfaction. Good cardio exercise examples include aerobics, swimming, cycling, jogging, stair climbing, rowing or skiing, but the list is far from over. The important part is not the sport or the activity you engage in as such, but the method of practicing it. Smooth and healthy training should thus never overlook some important stages  of any physical exercise.

For instance, choose to practice some cardio exercise at least three times a week, preferably for thirty or sixty minutes. However, you should start the training gradually, with a ten-minute warm up that allows the heart to adjust and reach the peak expected in full cardio training. Then, it is important to leave some time for rest between the workouts, because this prevents over-training keeping you safe not to mention that you allow the muscles to increase in mass even in the relaxation state.

Some of the sports included in the cardio exercise category could prove highly challenging. They require time, determination and an ever better physical condition. You’ll surely know what I mean if you have ever tried running up hill or sprinting. The pressure that the joints and muscles are put through is outstanding, but around 300 calories or a pound and a half will be burned in no more than thirty minutes. Hence, if you are determined to lose weight, a cardio exercise could be the passport for fitness.

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