The Truth About Six Pack Abs – A Detailed Review

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Are you looking to burn fat and develop a better set of six pack abs? If you are, read below for a review of The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Truth About Abs is an ab workout plan created by Mike Geary, a personal trainer and nutrition expert. The plan details specific workouts and nutrition tactics that burn fat from your entire body.

Tedious cardio workouts are not the most effective way to burn fat and reveal your six pack abs. This program will show you the exact types of unique workouts that produce 10x better results.

What can the program do for you?

First, the plan is created to work for both women and men which is a big plus. Second, Truth About Abs does not put the focus only on ab exercises.

Instead, you will learn about ab exercises that work and whole body routines that burn fat. Ab exercises are important, but if you really want to have a rock hard midsection, you also have to burn the fat your body is carrying.

Third, Mike Geary will introduce you to a cardio plan that is quick yet effective. It’s a plan I’ve already been following so I know it’s great advice.

Fourth, you get a straightforward and effective nutrition routine because healthy eating is excellent for boosting your metabolism and burning fat. You even learn about foods that claim to be “healthy”, but will actually set you back in your quest for six pack abs.

So is Truth About Six Pack Abs worth trying?

Yes, it is. What I like best about The Truth About Six Pack Abs is that it’s more than just an ab program…you really get a full body workout and nutrition plan that sheds body fat and gives you a flatter stomach. There is good reason why he has thousands of loyal customers in over 100 countries and it’s because his fitness plan does work.

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