The Truth About Muscle Building

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If you are a serious lifter at all, I’m sure you want a pair of really strong, big and impressive, sleeve-ripping arms.

After all, for working out in the gym all the time, you deserve those bulging guns, and it is okay to desire them because I’m going to tell you how you can get them.

I know you really want big arms, and chances are you don’t have them yet because you don’t know the truth that I know about getting maximum gains in your arms.

Hey, don’t worry. It’s not your fault.

To get those massive arms quickly, I’m going to share with you 3 basic truths.

1) In comparison to other muscle groups, the biceps and triceps are small

2) From your pulling movements for your back, the biceps get a significant workout

3) By doing lots of pressing movements for your shoulders and chest, you end up working the triceps significantly

In these points is significant information about training your arms properly for maximum gains.

The following is the most important thing…

For your biceps and triceps, you really only need a minimal amount of direct stimulation for really significant gains.

If you’ve ever seen (like I have) a large number of guys who go to the gym regularly and don’t get a lot of gain with their arms, even though they continue lots of bicep curls and tricep extensions or kick-backs, you’re about to learn something really important.

You really don’t have to work the arms directly because the biceps and triceps get a large workout from working other muscle groups, and the biceps and triceps are relatively small muscle groups in comparison to other groups.

It’s key that you get that your muscles aren’t actually growing in the gym. In the gym, you are preparing your muscles for growth, which happens while you rest and while you eat. Your body creates new muscle tissue while you eat and while you rest.

Given this secret, don’t overtrain your muscles. By giving your muscles sufficient time to recover from your vigorous workout, I can guarantee you impressive results. I’m sure you don’t want your muscles to get weaker and smaller, which is what overtraining will do, so train appropriately.

Since you want to achieve serious growth in your arms, make it a point right now to cease placing a lot of emphasis on working your arms directly. Forget concentration curls, pressdowns, or any other exercise that works only your biceps or triceps.  The truth around strong, muscular arms is that they are formed mainly as a result of significant and heavy back and chest training.

Don’t get me wrong here. Don’t completely ignore training your arms directly. I’m just saying to make sure you don’t do too much of it.

Would you like two arm routines you can incorporate into your routine immediately?  Just click the link below…

How to Get Ripped Biceps

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