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The biceps, guns, pythons or whatever else you desire to call them seem to hold a strange hold over many weightlifters as they have almost mythical status. Your biceps are the most clearly visibly muscle group that you have perhaps that is why they have gained such mythical status as probably the most wanted large muscle group.

Unfortunately a large set of biceps is quite a rare thing. Take a look around your local gym, how many people are actually sporting a large set of guns, not too many I would imagine. It is a little off putting then that as they are often the most trained muscle group. If you are one of those people who desire bigger biceps and haven’t been able to get the me so fa despite great effort then you are in the right place. Here we are going to reveal exactly how to get bigger biceps as part of a lean muscle building routine.

The fact of the situation is you cannot only grow large biceps you have to also make the rest of your body bigger. Your biceps muscles will get bigger in direct proportion to the other muscles in your body. Don’t believe me then can you remember seeing a person with big chest muscles yet small biceps. No it doesn’t happen, so really if you want bigger biceps then you need to know how to gain mass, this will lead you to bigger guns.

Firstly, put down the dumbbells and stop doing concentration curls and barbell curls.Begin doing compound weight training exercises for your back muscles. This means including lateral pull downs, bent over rows and lateral pull downs. These all make use of the biceps in a secondary capacity but in these movements they are moving a much heavier weight. To put it bluntly the greater the weight you move the larger the muscle you are going to get.

Secondly, you must squat, it is a tremendously difficult and stressful exercise that works the entire body because of this the body is flooded with highly anabolic hormones that is great muscle growth. This generates a tremendously anabolic state within the body which is excellent for growing huge biceps.

Thirdly, follow normal muscle building nutrition guidelines and drink a gallon of milk each day. Not consuming enough calories is the main reason people don’t get bigger biceps not lack of training. Muscle has to be made from excess calories as it doesn’t grow from thin air. Each day drink a gallon of milk a day, this is a great way to get enough calories. Yes it is a lot but if you do this you will start to pile on muscle all over your body including your biceps in a short period of time.

OK, with those tips in mind go and get massive guns!

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