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For the guy who might be on the skinny side, and who is struggling to increase muscle mass, this proven Muscle Building Guide has been written for you. If you are ever going to be triumphant in quick muscle building, you must understand these key factors

Let us begin

1) Not More Than 10 Reps in a set

You will start to excite your slow twitch muscle fiber which depresses the potential for muscle growth when you go over 10 reps in a set

We dont want to be doing this The land of the skinny will await you if go to the land of the 11th rep which is a big NO You want to get yourself into the mind set of keeping it “Heavy” if we want to build solid muscle mass

This is the region where you want to be through all of the exercises in your workout.


You can know that you are on your way to building muscle, guaranteed, if you stick to these two rules of keeping sets under ten, and maintaining the weight heavy.A training partner when carrying out your heavy workouts is highly suggested. With issues such as safety and motivation which are much overlooked, this will help you out. Lifting heavy weights is essential, and yes it is hard work but the rewards are so worth it!!

2) Your Workout Time should be Reduced

It is imperative in your muscle building guide to try and reduce the time it takes you to do the work and even try and increase the workload. Number of sets, reps and recovery time is what work refers to.

This concept is often overlooked.

Do you believe you will have more muscle gain if you can increase your workload but lessen the time it takes to do the work? Absolutely! We advice that this should be done with supervision by a trainer or a muscle building coach.

So an illustration to educate you on who is the stronger guy here. The guy who benches 185 pounds, at four sets of 8 with a 30 second rest between sets, or the guy who does precisely the same routine but with a 60 second between sets?

The reply must be the first guy as he is getting the same amount of work done in a shorter period of time.


The concept to grasp here as reading this muscle building guide the next time you work out at the gym or in your garage, record your rest periods between sets with a stop watch or timer of some description. If you have not done this before you will be astounished at the time variance between sets that you have been taking, especially near the 3rd or 4th set.

This is the crucial point where your muscle will get its most growth as the old time appears to creep out a little at this point.

{3) One Exercise per Muscle Set}

It is a bit irresponsible and not much fun we feel, but there is the theory out there that you should work your muscle group until it feels absolutely dead to get any muscle growth. An example of a day at the gymnasium.

We will be training the chest muscle and what better exercise to do this with than the bench press!!! The first set you lift a weight of 175 pounds, second 195 pounds, third at 210 pounds and forth at 225 pounds. Let’s just say this is the maximum mass for the set you have just done. Certainly its impossible that you have used the max anount of muscle fibers. Sparking you muscle group into growth is what you are trying to do and not to rip them to shreds.

What happens once your muscle fibers go through an unknown attack, which means you truly feel like you are pushing your muscle group to a new level, your body will logically be forced to adjust and create new muscle to stop other attacks. This one workout for that particular day will be enough to inspire the muscle growth in that particular muscle group.

4) Stay at 3-5 Sets per Muscle collection.

Its still astounding that many scrawny guys i see at the gym are knocking out 6 sets plus for each muscle group. Do not forget if you are a hardgainer (someone who struggles to gain weight) you have to follow another set of guidelines if you are ever going to make it in building muscle.

Hence this is how this quality Muscle Building Guide works. First and second set are at 85% maximum effort, you are just warming up. Third set is at about 95%, getting pumped now! Now this is the interesting part,¦your last set (and sometimes your fifth) are at your full 100% max effort. You will be thinking it should be the other way round as you would have more energy at the start of your training, but not the case. Believe it or not the last set is where much of your muscle growth occurs.

You need to dig in and go hard as by your last set you are definitely feeling worse for wear. Your muscle growth remember occurs here so you know that your hard work is worth it.

5.Enhance Your Strength 5% Every Two Weeks

Truly, the title speaks for itself but this has to be recorded. Not maintaining a record of the weight he or she is lifting is another big mistake I see a person making . This is important to build muscle and going for that 5% every 14 days is a realistic target.

If you stick to this one muscle building guide think how you will look in 6 months I would say pretty darn buff!

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