The Best Way To Build Chest Muscles

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Is your chest impressive? A chest that anyone would be proud to have. Or does your chest look better when the lights are out. Small and unimpressive. If you want the kind of chest you always wanted now is your chance. Building chest muscles is easy with a little hard work and some sound chest building tips and techniques. If you stick to the following guidelines you will build chest muscles you can be proud of.

Best Chest Building Exercise

·Bench Press

. Essential to this exercise is making sure that you use proper technique and control the weight throughout the whole movement. If you already have access to a weight bench and weights the following chest building technique should be included in your training program.

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Position the bar directly above you while laying flat on the bench and your feet on the floor. Pick the bar up off the bench supports and bring it down to the point where it hits you mid chest. Do not bounce the weight and use the momentum to hoist the weight up. You will do 15 repetitions for the first set. After the first set you will do successive sets of 12 reps, 10 reps and 8 reps. The last rep of each set should be done to failure, the point at which you couldn’t do another rep without help. Continue this for two weeks until you feel comfortable with this exercise.

·Dumbbell Flyes

Another excellent exercise to aid you in building chest muscles are dumbbell flyes. Holding a dumbbells in each hand lay flat on the bench. Lower the dumbbells out to your side and down to the level of the bench with slightly bent arms. By lowering the weight as far as you can go you will get a great stretch for your chest.As you bring the dumbbells up to the starting position contract your chest muscles to get an incredible pump. Use the same amount of sets and reps as you did with the bench press. Four sets of 15, 12, 10 then 8 repetitions.

·Once A Week

For the best muscle gains work out your chest only once during the week. The amount of weight you can lift and the amount of sets you will do will depend on the foundation you have built for your self. In the long run you will want to stress the muscles to the point of failure. Going to failure, that point where you can’t lift the weight anymore, is your ultimate goal.

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If you are really serious about building chest muscles then you must include these two exercises in your weekly muscle building routine. It is crucial to mention that you need to routinely change your workout and integrate other strategies to help shock your body into growth. As you progress you will add other exercises that will be tailor made for your body type. Work hard for what you want and don’t ever give up.

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