The Best Exercise for Lower Abdominals

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You’re probably wondering what the best exercise for lower abdominals is. Has it ever occurred to you that you might be asking the wrong question? Try this for a change: “HOW can I maximize my lower abdominals workout so I could have six pack abs fast?”

The health and fitness industry makes so much money, it’s not even funny. Desperation and impatience end up being motivators, too. When people start to feel the pressure to look good, they would do almost ANYTHING – spend ridiculous sums of money in the process – to become super fit and I think it’s just needless.

You’ve probably been so focused on your midsection that you’ve neglected other parts of your body. Any successful fitness goal – whether it’s conditioning upper arm muscles or, in this case, toning the abdominal muscles – requires you to work your ENTIRE body. That’s why several abdominal workout equipments don’t give the best results when used alone.

For the best exercise for lower abdominals to work, you need to get in a full body workout. To ensure holistic progress, you need to integrate all three aspects:

1. Low-fat diet;

2. Regular cardiovascular exercise; and

3. Core-specific exercises.

“You are what you eat” – I happen to think that’s true. If you exercise but eat fatty foods and leave out the essential nutrients your body needs to build muscle, you’re only holding yourself back. That’s why you need to promote a low-fat, healthy diet.

Eliminate or at least limit your intake of unnecessary carbs and fats. Load up on whole grains, lean meats, vegetables, and fruits instead. Obsessing about the best exercise for lower abdominals is pointless if you don’t eat well-balanced meals frequently.

Dieting alone won’t get you to your goal fast either. You need to work out 3 times a week for about 45 minutes to an hour for you to increase your metabolism and, ultimately, develop muscle.

Including jogging, swimming, and other cardiovascular workouts in your program will help you complete your fitness plan. Following fitness videos are just as good as exercising outdoors, mind you.

Once you’ve gotten your diet and cardio workout down, you can now concentrate on working those abs. So how does one go about doing the best exercise for lower abdominals?

Personally, I feel that leg raises are the most effective exercises for your lower abs. It’s very simple to do AND you can get so much out of it; it’s unbelievable.

All you need to do is lie flat on the floor, place your hands on each side, and raise both legs gradually until you reach a 45 degree angle. Then, ease your legs back to their original position. Remember to tighten your abdominal muscles all through out the exercise.

To add a little variation, you can push upward with your hips when your legs are completely perpendicular to the floor.

Remember these 3 important points – diet, cardio, and the best exercise for lower abdominals – and you will surely get a complete fitness program that WORKS.

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