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Testosterone is a hormone, which is present in both men and women but it is a lot higher in the men than in the women. This particular hormone is responsible for the male characteristics like a typically deep voice, sexual drive, muscles and sometimes aggressiveness. In the men it is found in the testicles and in the women it is found in the ovaries. Because of the muscle building program properties testosterone has, this is why it is used in many body building supplements.

When you body build, it can affect so many parts of your body in different ways, due to the way bodybuilding supplements are, they were created to replensih the body, nourish it and boost it on occasions. Testosterone problems are quite common in body builders, this is why testosterone supplements are prescribed by a doctor to many body builders.

The most common symptoms of having low testosterone are the following, lack of strength, energy loss and loss of muscle mass, this of course is the opposite of what you need when your a body builder. Another particularly common symptom of having low testosterone is not being able to lose body fat, which with the strict intensive training a body builder does is quite uncommon.

Testosterone levelsa can also affect mood swings, more than often leaving you feeling extremely depressed and unhappy. Some men have a testosterone deficiency as young as between 25-30 years old.

There are plenty of testosterone supplements on the market, some of which are for all different age ranges and for different reason, so self medicating yourself testosterone supplements is a massive no no. Always see a doctor or a specialist and take all the relevant tests to monitor your levels of testosterone.

A few common testosterone supplements are as follows, 6-OXO, 17-HD, Eurycome Longfolia and also Vilaroid. There are a large amount of testosterone supplements available so consult a professional first. None of these supplements should ever be used unless prescribed by a doctor first as they can be quite dangerous in the wrong doses or the wrong type for you.

Even after you have finished bodybuilding exercise or you are going to retire from the sport, body building is a life long sport. You will have to continue to use body building supplements and making sure you keep regular exercise and small training sessions. If you keep a healthy balanced diet and even small regular exercise sessions, will keep you fit and healthy for the rest of your life, whether your body building or not.

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