Technology Is Changing The Face of Exercise

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For those of us of a slightly older generation, exercise meant freezing your butt off running around the school field, followed by a bit of robe climbing. It now doesn’t have to been so dreadful however, as there is more choice than ever before when it comes to health and fitness maintenance. The technological revolution marked an important step forwards in how people started to think about exercise and how practical it could be.

Wii Fit – The Wii fitness console, as well as being primarily for playing games, has also capitalised on the fitness market and has redefined the way that many people exercise at home. Using the Wii Fit Board, you can enter yourself into an online hula-hoop competition or try out some gentle yoga moves. ‘ Your Shape’ is the latest offering from the Wii group, which is a camera you mount on your TV that tracks your actions and tells you if your exercising right.

Nike+ – This very clever gadget saw Nike team up with Apple’s ipod to offer runners a way to track exactly how far and fast they were running, as well a whole host of other features. The small device that you place in your shoe works using wireless electrical components that relays information about your running to your ipod. This information can later be analysed on a computer and you can even set running targets and achievements for yourself. Your ipod can even map your running pattern to the pace of the songs you have, so you really can jog to the beat.

Project Natal – This evolution for the Xbox takes interactive gaming to the next level and like the Wii Fit, there is a serious fitness focus that comes with it. Much like the Wii console camera, the Project Natal system uses a small camera to map your body and track even the finest of movements you make. It maps the movement of your hands meaning you don’t need any accessories to have a sword fight or go bowling.

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