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How do you know how to decide on a strength training routine?
This is one part of any weight lifting program that is often misunderstood. In my humble opinion these must be included if you are going to reach your strength building goals. If your goal is to add muscle mass than there is no better way to increase your overall strength by increasing the weight you use for each lift. Here are a few points to ponder when you decide to begin strength training.

1.    Set your weight lifting goals

This is so important when starting an exercise program. Goals are an important way to help you create your strength training workout. The old saying is true that if you don’t know where you are going you will certainly wind up somewhere.If losing weight is your goal then design your program with that in mind. Using a weight loss program won’t get you the muscle mass you are seeking. By recording and writing down your goals you will significantly increase your odds of success.

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2.The Reigning King is Consistency

If you want results then make sure you are always consistent. If you are cycling your training and your current cycle is to strength train then don’t deviate from that plan. In order for your body to handle the stress you are placing on it you must be patient. Once you plateau in your progress then it is time to change your workout routine. To get the desired results don’t change your routine before this happens.

3. Strength training workouts

It is important not to over train any particular muscle group. The best way to begin is to only workout one body part per week. Resist the urge to train everyday, this is a sure fire way to fail. To have the best chance of success each muscle group must only be trained once per week.

4. Compound weight-training exercises

The most efficient way to increase your overall muscle mass is to use compound exercises. The three kings of any strength building routine are the squat, dead lift and the bench press.

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Use these four, easy to remember, ways to build the muscle you always wanted. An important part of any exercise routine is that it has to include strength training. The by product of achieving your weight lifting goals is increased strength and confidence.

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