Soccer Coaching Drills – 3 Simple Steps To Trapping

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Soccer Coaching Drills

What if I told you that 50% of soccer coaching drills should focus on enhancing the trapping skills of your players? You will not be convinced with the statement. But interestingly, researchers say that trapping, besides dribbling and passing is mainly responsible for consistently winning matches.

The ability to capture the ball and retain it for a considerable time is called trapping. These are soccer exercises that permit the use of chest, thighs and feet while doing so.

Players must be familiar with the job of trapping the ball. If not, they will never really be in control of the game because everything else comes after trapping the ball. There are a few practices that will prove helpful in improving the trapping skills of players.

Engaging the feet: Firstly, train your players in using their feet to deal with the ball which is a basic skill. In kids soccer drills, the kids must be particularly trained on using the inside of their foot. The fact that the inside area of the foot is large makes it easy for the players to hold the ball.

Soccer Drills

In soccer coaching drills, players can be taught to use the instep or crown of the foot along with entire foot when the players are senior and established. Train your players to adopt the strategy to apply ankle or shin to catch hold of the ball when it is jumping a lot.

Thigh Movement: Using your thigh to control rapid and bouncy ball is an excellent approach. Instruct the players to get in front of the ball, stand on one feet and rise the other thigh to stop the ball. Most importantly, practice dropping your knee once it connects with the ball for the ball to drop down and stay with you rather than getting away.

Continue repeating this exercise till the time you learn it by heart i.e. stopping the ball with your thigh and then tumbling the thigh down so the ball stays somewhere close to you.

Use the Chest: Trapping a ball flying high in the air with the use of your chest is also equally useful, like the use of thighs. Teach your players to tackle the ball using their chest by getting in front of the ball and take their chest out. When they do so, the ball will instantly loose its speed and easily get down to the feet.

However, in the soccer training drills, it is important to realize that young players should not be exposed a lot to this technique. While using their chest to tackle the ball, it is common for them to use their hands. This can become a serious issue if they tend to become habitual of tackling the ball with hands.

It’s time now to execute these soccer coaching drills. Advice players to practice more progressively. You could get an easy access to vast amount of tips by subscribing to our youth soccer coaching community.


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