Six Pack Abs – Worked On Them, But Still Not Showing

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You may be getting discouraged, and it’s hardly surprising, because you have worked on those six pack abdominals for so long, and they are still not showing. How many more crunches do i have to do to get them developed enough to show as a perfect set of six pack abs?

To start with, you are not the only one that this has happened to, there are many more people in this boat, so don’t give up yet, and with a few changes, your abdominals and six pack will be defined very soon. Despite our best intentions, which can be seen by the number of crunches we perform daily, some people just cannot get their perfect abs to show. You feel that your abdominal muscles are way stronger, nevertheless they still don’t show, so what exactly is going on? Well, first of all you need to to make absolutely sure that it is your abs that you are targeting in your crunches, an also check that you are not rushing them. For many workout enthusiasts, it is how many they can do in a fixed time that is important, but that lowers the standard of the exercise. To benefit more, each muscle contraction should be held for a few seconds, and if you are rushing to beat the latest record of number of the crunches in two minutes, then you cannot do this, and the exercises will not be as successful for you. So slow the exercises you are doing, and improve the quality of your exercises, and any other workouts you do that target the abs muscles.

Next on your agenda is to discover what your body fat ratio is – if you are a gym member, you can get weighed there and the scales will be able to tell you your body fat ratio if your bathroom scales aren’t able to. This number should be around 12, but if yours is much higher than this, then that explains why your 6 pack abs are not defined. The body fat ratio is an indicator to tell you how much body fat you have, and the higher the number, the more layers of fat you have. The more fat you have, the more layers of fat are covering your abdominal muscles, so if you have been doing your exercises the right way, your abs will be well defined but just covered by too much fat.

Now then, if too much is the cause of your abs to not show as great six pack abs what can you do? You can see that you need to lose some of those fat layers, and abs exercises alone will not do this for you. You must do some cardio workouts, to lose some weight. Don’t panic this doesn’t automatically mean that you have to work even longer in the gym daily. You can probably reduce the time you spend on your abs crunches, with more time doing cardio. If you can eat a little less, you will be able to to losing some body fat. Make sure your diet is healthy for you, and not over doing the drinks. The occasional drink is fine, but drinking alcohol regularly is just giving your body with too many unneccessary calories.

So, to summarize, do your exercises properly, lower your body fat ratio and your 6 pack abs will be defined and showing like those on others you’ve been jealously watching.

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