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Taylor McDonald, womens fitness trainer

With my personal fitness training, one thing I get asked alot is ‘how can women get a 6 pack?’ Many ladies try, and fail. While we agree is harder for a lady to grow flat ab muscles fast comapred to males, its certainly not out of the question. With the right approach you can do it easily.

In my experience, women who want 6 pack abs, are pretty serious about their training and goals. Ladies who are after that ideal 6 pack, have often spent time and effort in spades, on their body already. This is why I really enjoy training these such people, as they train hard because they have defined goals which they are very serious about!

Thats not to say, that those reading this might not be beginners. There is definitly many beginners, who are very serious about getting ripped abs. Sometimes its the sole goal! My initial point to them, is they have to be prepared to change their lifestyle, and work hard! The rewards a a huge bonus, and you’ll be so happey when you reach your goals.

Now, how to best go about getting that six pack abs in women? Is the approach different to what men do? Is it even possible?

You bet you can! It just takes a little bit of a different approach, but I certainly have helped many women to reach their six pack goals over my years as a trainer. Lets take a look at my top ideas for ripping up those abs:

Women dont have the same propencity to build muscle, due to a lack of testosterone to pack on dense muscle. This really just means that a slight change in training focus and intensity, plus a shift in diet focus, is all that you need to grow those muscles.

One of the fundamentals is not just to only work the muscles but also reduce the fat accumulation that presides over the stomach. This has the effect of exposing the abdominals underneath. When you reach this level, that awesome 6 pack abdominal look is totally yours.

The best way to get rid of this fat layer, is to use an overall cardio workout, that addresses target areas. One thing that I recommend to all my female clients, is to start doing pump or circuit classes, as this is one of the fastest ways to burn through flab.

Not only are they fun, they utilise the core for nearly all the actions involved. Join up to your gym today, or else get hold of some at home ‘pump’ DVD’s and try the class in your lounge.

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