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People who are new to natural body building, may be looking at those pictures of the body builders in the competition and just simply cannot wait to get there themselves. They will ultimately look for any shortcuts possible and available. Taking these short cuts will harm your body building efforts in the long run, they are best to be avoided and at all costs as well. Of course there are safe ways to quicken the process of muscle building program and these ways are safe but still take a lot longer than the dangerous short cuts, thats why so many resort to the dangerous short cuts.

The worst thing you could ever do as a short cut is to start taking steroids.  Steroids will make you much, much bigger than you were before and in a shorter period of time. Be aware though that taking steroids will have serious health problems and consequences attached to the use of steroids. Steroids also have what could be unwanted side effects for certain people. Take for example, if you are male, and you begin to take steroids to bulk up quicker, it will not take too long before you become sterile, you will be impotent, you may find you are growing breasts, and you find that your testicles have become very small. All of these things are very serious and permanent, once you start there is no going back.

The good and healthy shortcuts to take, however, are the ones that involve the body builder taking what is known as bodybuilding supplements. Taking the various vitamin and mineral supplements will help you to bulk up much faster. Having a nutritious diet, a specific diet for body builders, and eating six times per day will also help you to see improvements much faster.

Another healthy short cut is to not over train. You may be thinking that if you train more, you will get bigger in less time. This simply is not true. Muscles will not grow at all while you are actually working out, they will grow while they are resting, sleeping and therefore repairing. If you do not believe this statement, overtrain for a couple of weeks. Then for the next couple of weeks, do not overtrain yourself, and then you will see which method gets the best results. You can also do this in reverse to view the results.

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