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Real muscle weight gain isn’t difficult when you are prepared to work hard. However there is a focus on the “work hard” part. Why I say this is because if you believed what’s in the media, gaining and building muscle would be a piece of cake.

Subsequently the short and sweet of it.the only method you are going to get real muscle weight gain is by adding more weight to the bar over a period of time.

Time has a lot to do with this, and there are definitely different specifics to consider when increasing the weight also. A few of your stock standard compound exercises curls, rows, squats, bench presses and overhead presses.These exercises can give you the most beneficial muscle weight gain if done through a set period of time and an increase in weight.

A 5% weight increase is the goal over 14 days, and we can assure that you will really feel, and see some spectacular results. These tips should be checked out if you want to get real muscle weight gain.

1) By training intensely on a muscle group you will strengthen the muscle using core complex exercises.

2) A stopwatch is then necessary. Because recovery times play a huge part in muscle growth, it’s important to time yourself between sets.

3) Keep a record and make sure that over a set period of time you are increasing more weight to the bar.

The main focus of all muscle weight gain training program are the three concepts that we have just mentioned and they will be the core foundation of muscle weight gain.

It doesn’t have to be a lot muscle gain but if you can see from your weight records that you are definitely adding more weight, then you’re on the right track. You will return to your program and do a bit of investigating if this is not the case. You may apply the following five elements that we did a little muscle gain testing on.

1) In a set, keep to 10 reps maximum, less is better .

You will activate the slow twitch muscle fiber which has minimal impact on muscle growth if you do more than 10 reps . Maintain less than 10 reps with the weight kept heavy.

2) The time of your workout should be reduced.

You will stimulate muscle growth much faster if you can achieve less rest between sets.

3)One exercise, one muscle group.

Core compound exercises cover this notion perfectly when maintained.

4) Sets per muscle group should be maintained at between 3-5.

There is actually no need for more than this. When lifting heavy weights this is perfect. You will have hit the wall nevertheless at this time and that’s the result we are after!

5) Every 2 weeks up your weight nice and simple by 5%. Definitely, this will give you solid muscle weight gain.

For a period of time increasing your weight is the definite way to muscle weight gain.

We wish you all the best, and a safe journey to gaining muscle I hope you have found this article useful and read here for more information on building muscle and gaining weight.

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