Role Of Nitric Oxide In Enhancing Muscles

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Nitric Oxide is produced in the body. It acts as a signaling molecule that communicates with other cells in the body. The enzymes in the body break down amino acid L-arginine producing Nitric acid. L-arginine in the food first enters into the blood stream after passing through the stomach. Then it moves into the endothelial cells that are found amidst the blood and lymph where the production of Nitric Oxide takes place. L-arginine in its natural state is found in grains, meats, fish, poultry and dairy products. Nitric acid is used to treat insomnia, cardiovascular disorders, pain, inflammations, interstitial cystitis, digestive problems, weight loss, diabetes and injury, female sexual dysfunction and sexual function.

Nitric Oxide deficiency can be identified when one experiences physical weakness and extreme fatigue. It is supportive to the sports and bodybuilding activities. Nitric Oxide is to be consumed before as well as after each workout. Nitric Oxide supplements are offered in the market. Intake of the supplement improves the delivery of nutrient and oxygen to the muscle with improved blood flow. This improved blood flow is facilitated by Nitric Oxide, a vasodilator. The improved blood flow to the muscle mean that more muscle building agents such as creatine, nutrients and oxygen reaches the muscle. Moreover, it ensures that the blood vessels open for longer duration throughout the day. This results in higher muscle gains, quicker recovery after workouts, increased strength, and more staying power due to the longer pumping of the blood. The natural Nitric Oxide production too is enhanced in the body.

Dramatic increase in the growth of muscles to bodybuilders is promised by Nitric oxide products. But these claims are still debated. Some Nitric Oxide supplements available in the market include NO-xplode by BSN, Nitrix by BSN, Mid-Cycle by Fizogen, A-AKG by Pro-line, Cold Fusion by Legal Gear and SuperPump250 from Gaspari. These products can be bought from the supplement and health nutrition stores. Consumers and reviewers assessment about these products can be found in the Internet, for instance, by searching SuperPump250 review for SuperPump250.

Nitric Oxide can prevent heart disease and stroke. Dangerous constriction of blood vessels can be prevented. It may be able to assist in controlling platelet function, lower cholesterol and reduce artery plaque. However, in large concentrations it is toxic to cells and can induce dangerously low blood pressure. People with heart conditions are advised not to take any nitric oxide supplements.

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