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We all want nice washboard abs and the key to getting them is to make sure you do the right 6 pack abs exercises. This ranks right up there with genetics and diet in importance. You can overcome some of your genetic shortcomings by making sure you are doing the right Ab exercises and doing them properly.

The days of endless situps are officially over, nobody needs to spend endless hours doing ab exercises that do more harm to your hip flexors and places unnecessary strain on you back. Once you learn the best exercises for getting six pack abs and start to apply these to your weekly workouts, then and only then will you begin to see great results.

Make it happen!! Set your sights on the prize and begin your 6 pack abs workout now

The core muscles are responsible for the overall strength and stability of our midsection and must be the primary focus of our abdominal training.Situps will help strengthen the midsection but will not hit all the smaller stabilizing muscles for that complete chiseled look. You will not see the results you are looking for if you continue to do only sit-ups to develop your washboard abs. Below you will find an example of some 6 pack abs exercises to get you started.

Lower Ab Exercises

Hanging leg raises:
One of the best overall lower abdominal exercises is the hanging leg raises. These are performed by raising your pelvis up and to your chest. The true value of this exercise can be felt by making sure you do not use any momentum to lift your knees and that you also hold the position at the top for a count of two.

Lying leg raises:
Lying leg raises done on an incline bench will blast your lower abs and also help to workout those love handles. It is important to go slowly and maintain a controlled pace because you can put strain on your lower back if you do these improperly.

Upper Ab Exercises

It’s not necessary to do crunches over a long period of time even though many people consider this the main stay of their 6 pack workout. The proper way to do a crunch is to lift you head and shoulders straight up hold for two seconds and contract your abs while holding this position.

For hitting some of the hard to reach areas of the stomach there is no better exercise than the bicycle. Perform this exercise laying flat on the floor and hold you legs up with knees bent at a 45-degree angle. Mimic riding a bike and alternate your right elbow to your left knee and then your left elbow to your right knee. A good set and rep scheme would be three sets of twenty repetitions.

It is important to note that although a very versatile muscle group your abs get a great workout by doing other weight lifting exercises. Your abs are just like all the other muscle groups and can be subject to over training. If you really want great abs make sure you don’t over train, you eat well and you use the right 6 pack abs exercises.

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