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So you desire to get big muscles without gaining bodyfat? If so then you are attempting to do two things that are exact opposites. If you want to gain muscle mass you have to eat more calories than you actually burn up during the day. These extra leftover calories can then be used to increase your muscle bulk. Your bodyfat may well be increased as some of these calories may well not be used at all. This is the main reason it is hard to put on muscle mass without gaining bodyfat also.

It traditionally has been said that any program to gain weight ought to last as a minimum of three months. Three months is a long time to be putting on bodyfat for regardless of how much muscle you gain. After three months then most people will then be muscular but have to go on a diet for a few months to lose the excess fat.

Fortunately for you however there is a new way to approach building lean muscle without gaining excess fat. It comes from new research that outlines a short bulk and cut cycle of two weeks. Basically as you first begin to consume increased amounts of calories each day to increase muscle gain the body is not expecting it and becomes highly anabolic which is excellent news for muscle mass gain. After a little more than two weeks the effects decreases and the body will begin changing these excess calories into body fat tissue. This new method requires two weeks bulking and then recommends you switch to a cutting or diet phase for two weeks.

During this ripping phase your target is to get rid of excess pounds of body fat tissue but to still keep your strength levels the same. This muscle up get ripped cycle can be done time and again for as many months as you wish without having to worry about huge increases in body fat levels yet still allowing you to increase your lean muscle mass.

OK, so now you know how to gain mass without gaining fat you do indeed hold a powerful secret to lean muscle building in your hands, what will you do with it? It is in your hands!


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