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If your goal is to lose fat quickly, it’s necessary to work exceptionally hard at high intensity interval training and circuit training. It is often difficult to gauge how intense you should be. Figuring out the ideal workout intensity for things like interval training is almost an art.

The Strategy I Recommend for Fat Loss and Muscle Definition

Usually, I try to divide the strength training part of my workout from the fat loss part. If you’re going for muscle definition, I suggest heavy weights, combined with brief, low volume strength training. Your muscles will firm up and you will begin to see an increase in definition this way. Most of the time the strength training is the easy part. The calorie burning fat loss section of your workout is when workout intensity comes into play. You should do a somewhat intense fat loss workout at least 3 times per week. Your workout can be body weight circuits, high intensity interval training (HIIT), or a circuit or interval workout that you feel comfortable with.

You can’t Get An “After Effect” Using Low Intensity During a Workout

Most often, when I am at the gym, I see people doing a fat loss workout with no intensity in it. If you’re taking a break until your next interval, a treadmill is fine – but otherwise, it’s a total waste of time. Honestly, the amount of calories you burn doing low intensity cardio isn’t going to make a huge impact on your physique.

Too High of an Intensity Level Is a Negative As Well

It’s okay to workout hard, but if you’re getting too intense, your body is more apt to overcompensate by needing far more rest, post-workout. For the optimal fat loss results, you should go about your day as if the workout didn’t just happen, otherwise your body will waste time resting. Working out hard and then sitting on the couch the rest of the day because you are tired, is not a good fat loss strategy.

How to Tell If Your Fat Loss Workout is the Correct Intensity?

I look for a thing called the “HGH Flush”. This is a good way to judge the effectiveness of your fat loss workout. If your skin is slightly red and hot to the touch and you are out of breath after your workout, then you have achieved the HGH flush. Try to remember how hot and out of breath you felt, after the gym teacher had you run lines in junior high? Your body releases a higher amount of HGH, a fat burning hormone, than usual during this HGH flush, indicating that your metabolism is increased.

Your Comfort Zone Can Also Guide You if You Keep Your Workouts Just Inside its Limit

A common mistake I’ve witnessed is clients being pushed too hard, too soon by their personal trainers. I once hired a personal trainer who wanted to “destroy me” with each workout. Um…no thanks. This workout intensity is usually referred to the ‘sweet spot’. As you get in shape, you can gradually push yourself harder. However, pay close attention and back off a bit if you find yourself overly tired after a workout.

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