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You are surely sick of your well-built friends. Not to consider those awful jokes you have to take because of this. There is only one solution that can save you from your friends: working your muscles. Below you can read some tips for basic training.  
Your gym program will be based on your daily program professionals recommend fitness in the hours before lunch or in the late afternoon hours, if it’s possible.  
Still, there timeframes are not definite.  
This is why you have to try to go to the gym regularly, scheduling your sessions depending on the time you have available, but in such a way that the physical exercises will not affect your professional life and the relationships with others. There no need to focus only on you burn the fat feed the muscle program.  
Lots of people wonder what the optimal duration of a training session is. The answer is that it must not be longer than 90 minutes, and the best time frame is considered to be somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes.  
While training, you should wear cotton or linen clothes. Your sweat suit must be loose and must fit perfectly. The outfit you wear should allow you blood to flow freely, without any straining points.  
Any training must begin with small exercises, gymnastics or aerobics movements, even if they seem awkward and totally un-masculine. The before training exercises help articulations gain mobility and prepare the muscles at the same time. A well organized pre-training session will prevent every time accidents and lesions, so it must not be neglected under any circumstances.
You must do all you can to remain focused on training. Try taking along with the player the Apple ipod accessories that make it completely flexible, like small headphones and let it carry you away from routine. It’s essential to keep your mind relaxed.

During training you must drink water at all times, because it will raise your endurance.

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