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I’m presuming you have heard the name Vince Delmonte, if you have been looking around the internet in any of the build muscle sites out there. He is both the author and creator of the well recognized muscle gain program No-Nonsense Muscle Building. Because of specializing in turning skinny guys into the complete opposite, Mr Delmonte has been tagged the savior of the skinny guy.

From the time the muscle building product was launched, Vince has had more than 20,000 satisfied ripped customers. That is something in itself…

It is impressive that Vince has a concrete reputation in the fitness industry and the qualifications to back it up. We have found from studies that not many of the coaches out there have this. Though it is not essential, it is certainly a bonus to know you are taking advice and guidance from someone who really knows there stuff.

With Honors Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario Vince is one of the most sought out fitness professionals who regularly contributes to Men’s Fitness Magazine and now to top it off is on the Advisory Team for Maximum Fitness Magazine. In one word, it is astounding,.

My Vince Delmonte Review continues .

Vince Delmonte came around to truly designing and building his own muscle building program because of people hounding him for knowledge . Vince is not that skinny guy but through self education he learnt how to gain lean muscle, in a very short period of time. From 149 pounds to 190 pounds, he managed to gain in only 6 months.

When this spectacular transformation occured it was witnessed by many at his local gym and of course the hounding began. “How did you do it, you were so skinny 6 months ago?” rugs?” Well this is not the case, all muscle growth naturally done .

The story of this young man from Hamilton, Canada started getting in the fitness industry very quickly and as you can imagine the phone started ringing. In the prestigous International fitness magazine Maximum Fitness, he managed to have a two page spread ,not bad.

Presently, Vince still trains at his local gym nearly everyday and has around five trainers working under him. Working in the industry daily gives him a heads up on anything new stadigies or products that arrive on the street in the fitness industry. Vince definitely observes what he preaches.

Now you have our Vince Delmonte Review. When it comes to a man who can really teach you how to build rock solid muscle, Vince is with no doubt the “real deal” . Every product which has that Vince Delmonte attached to, is most recommended.

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