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                               Perfect Bodybuilding Measurements
1.     Upper arms
2.     Forearms 
3.     Chest      
4.     Thighs
5.     Calfs  
6.      Waist 
7.      Shoulders      
Using the experts as role models we can find the perfect bodybuilding measurements.To enhance your overall look and build a body with perfect symmetry to must get your shoulders to the perfect size for your body. One of the most famous men today with the perfect bodybuilding physique showing off that V-Taper is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The V-Taper look and build will begin to take shape as you continue with your muscle building routine and muscle building nutritional diet with the fat melting away leaving pure muscle. With your arms in a relaxed and hanging position at your side you must stand straight in order to take your bodybuilding measurements correctly. You may need help from another person to help you place one end of the measuring type, myotape if you have one, at the widest point on one delta. Then wrap the tape around the opposite shoulder until it meets back to the starting point. Do not flare your lats out because it will most definitely give you a false measurement.
These bodybuilding measurements can be entered into a Grecian Ideal Calculator. This calculator was developed based on the ancient Greeks beliefs of what the perfect statue of muscularity should be. 
                          What Role Does Steve Reeves Play In All This?
The most perfectly proportioned man of all time was the bodybuilder Steve Reeves during the 1940’s and 1950’s. The most perfect symmetry and proportion was bench marked by his bodybuilding measurements. It is believed there is a method to the madness of the perfect body by getting bodybuilding measurements that reflect Steve Reeves bold and beautiful body. 
The perfect build of a classic and perfect physique has been outlined on a height and weight chart. A second chart outlines the muscle to bone ratios that created an illusion of greater size and build without taking away from the masculinity, beauty and perfect physical appearance and symmetry.

                      Steve Reeves Body Measurements were….
•          Arms: 18.5 
•          Calves: 18.5 
•          Neck: 18.5 
•          Thighs: 27 
•          Chest: 54 
•          Waist: 30 

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