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The teens in this period are really attracted by muscle-building. It’s not at all surprising, however, because there can’t be many guys around who do not want to attract girls with their six pack abs.

For all the young guys that are exploring ways to raise their levels of confidence & self-assurance, our advice is just by having a balanced diet and by regular body-building workouts, you can feel and look incredible.

A lifestyle that’s secure & sturdy along with daily healthy eating practices is what you will achieve if you exercise & build up your body regularly. These habits will show their true colors in the distant future when the teenyboppers gradually travel the road to adulthood.

In that period of life, you can observe that people have started treating you with a much higher level of approval, affection and respect.

Even so, it’s totally critical to point out here that this is an age where your body is still growing so any kind of off-target exercises plus a diet that’s low on nutrition will land you with serious health issues and get in the way of your growth.

Let’s keep in mind this all-important info and provide you with practical & productive pointers to successfully carry out teen muscle building:

· Stay completely away from steroids! Besides being illegitimate, they also have a damaging impact on the hormones and can end up inducing severe physiological issues in the body. At your age, the hormones are already tangled up with managing scores of physical as well as psychological changes in your body; of course those changes are advantageous to you. Even though it’s a common and glaring fact, it has to be pointed out specifically due to the fact that countless teenage boys easily take up steroids for bodybuilding. You can eat up Omega-3 fish oil, protein powder, and multi vitamin tablets for an awesome muscle build up. Your concerns over supplements can rest until much later when you have the time and money to handle it.

· Beginning your workout with some exercises (push-ups or chin-ups) that are lesser on the punch to the body would be a good idea. Teenagers + heavy weight lifting = Absolute NO-NO. Hence, ditch it now! Light, lower impact workouts are more than sufficient to get you the look you crave for! But you must do these with a religious fervor.

· Quite a few exercises for example, dead lifts & squats, can hurt you severely rather than doing any good if you’re not yet 16. It’s strongly advised to carry out these exercises, if required at all, under correct adult supervision.

· Supplements are not required for teen boys in any quantity. The reason for this is that teen boys already have an abundant amount of testosterone at this age. Refrain from taking supplements at all costs. As they might send your body into a destructive tizzy!

You should mainly focus on having a healthy lifestyle. A robust lifestyle is totally dependent on how healthy your diet routine is. A few essential regular items in your diet must be –

• whole wheat bread,

• fruits,

• vegetables and

• rice.

Any snack that you gobble down like fish, protein shakes, cottage cheese or chicken will get you a toned up, fat-free body, if it’s lavishly full of protein. Eating unhealthy foods simply makes one fat and flabby.

· The body of a teen undergoes changes regularly and rapidly. To recover from the regeneration caused by these rapid changes, it’s necessary to get a minimum of 8 hours’ sleep every day.

· Being focused is the key to achieving your goal. So, it’s necessary to systematically write down the steps you need to follow in order to achieve your goal. Work towards achieving your goal and more importantly, be positive and confident about it.

· Understand your body’s capacity and then act. Don’t push your body too far that it reaches a limit where recovering may not be possible at all. This may turn out to be disastrous in the long run.

· Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration during workouts.

· Be sure to concentrate on a complete body workout. Focusing on just one area may not be a good idea unless you want to look misshapen.

Though muscle-building is absolutely safe, it’s still crucial to take the requisite precautions for keeping your body within the safety limits and in control. You need to attend to even the minor injuries to prevent irreparable damages. This is important because a teen’s body is highly sensitive due to the continuous change it endures. It’s, therefore, extremely important to avoid any exercise that may lead to injuries.

We know that you want to move much faster than this, but remember that you are young. In fact, very young. So don’t be too harsh on yourself. Have fun. Enjoy what you’re doing. It’s always good to look and be healthy and attractive. In addition to all this, being positive at all times and following a healthy lifestyle, including regular eating habits and a well-planned workout regime will give you all that you will need in order to be fit and get your muscles toned up and yes, how can we forget to mention about the girls? – They’ll fall for your transformed, six pack ripped look.

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