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Bodybuilding is one of the toughest sports and a muscle building diet is one of the main things that body builders follow before they go on a competition. In that time you need to follow some main things if you want to see results which are losing fat and gain muscles as much as you can.

This step is one of the hardest in bodybuilding because you need to work a lot, trust me a lot, if you want to see results and following a guide like this is the best thing to do, to success in the quickest time as possible. here you will learn some basic tips and a diet plan that will work for you if you want to grow your muscles and lose fat.

This type of diet is not as many diets as you can see all over the net. Like, eating less and running more, or not eating nothing and drink only water. If you do this things you will lose your muscles, trust me. What you need to do is follow an nutrition program that is made just for this and a workout weekly, to see results in months time!

Nutrition is a very basic step to follow. You need to eat as much as you can, but not eat all food, you need to eat only proteins.Carbohydrates are the ones that will give you fat, that is why you need to eat as less as possible food that contains carbohydrates and fat. Try to drink milkf and water, eat a lot of meat and vegetables, have around 5 meals per day. What you are trying to do, is to feed your muscles with proteins and lose weight at the same time not eating carbohydrates or fat. Follow that and you will see how your muscles will grow faster!

Workout is the second main step to follow. You need to work in GYM and also go run after each daily workout, it works the best. Try to go around 4-5 times per week in GYM and after each 1.5 hour long workout go 20 minutes running out, this is the best thing to do! Daily you need to work on two muscle categories like chest and legs with 4 different exercises and 4 routines with 14-10 reps. You need to sweat as much as it is possible and keep working on your muscles to grow them fast. Running is the best to shape up your muscles and lose fat.

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