Metabolism and Muscle Building

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When you are a body builder, your metabolism will play a huge part in the process. The metabolism of the body is the term used for the particular process of the bodies ability to deal with the food. Metabolism converts the food you intake into energy and it is then used by your body. This maintains the body and will also help the body repair any damage and injuries that have been caused by intensive work out and training.

Your metabolism is actually controlled by exactly what you eat. If you are eating a large amount of carbohydrates in your diet, those particular carbohydrates are actually absorbed by the body in one of several different forms: lactose, maltose, fructose, glycogen, or glucose.Of these, the only one that the body uses is glucose. If the carbohydrate happens to become one of the other forms, it is then in turn reabsorbed by the body and the enzymes will work to break it down even further so that it then becomes glucose.

When this occurs in the body, the pancreas and liver will then go to work. They will start to move the glucose to the muscle cells in your body, and will then store it as glycogen. Glucose is also stored in the liver as glycogen, and when the muscles and liver are already full of glycogen, the rest of the glucose is then changed to fatty acid in side your body.

When you start bodybuilding exercise intensively, your body is then in part, more able to increase the metabolism in the body, which in turn will burn more fat, and burn it faster. So, what this actually means to you is that you have to eat correctly, without overfilling your liver and pancreas with glycogen, and at the same time you will train to increase your metabolism so that your body will be better equipped to deal with the food that you do eat in the correct manner.

As you can imagine, you are not just what you eat, you are also what your body will do with what you eat and when you eat it. When you have a proper diet and better nutrition, and you self drive your body to use all the fuel that you are giving it in the correct way, your muscles will then grow, and you will in turn reduce fat, or even prevent fat all at the same time. In the overall end scheme of things, it is all connected.

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