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beauty tips for a night out are really very different from daily beauty routines. A night out on the town is super hard on your skin. Even more serious, the partying, dancing and drinking can have a major impact on that look you worked so hard on earlier in the evening.

When it comes to going out, you have to expect the unexpected. You never know whether you will be cold or roasting. You could decide to turn in before midnight or you may be out until 5 in the morning. You might be out dancing all night or just hanging out with friends at your local diner until the sun comes up.

So it doesn’t matter where the night leads, you always need to be prepared. Early in the evening when you want to “get your glam on”, keep in mind that things could go anywhere. A glamourous look that is low maintenance is truly the best way to be prepared for a good time.

Keep reading for some good ways for you to create and keep your glamourous night out look:

* Beauty Tip for Night Out #1: Lightly spray your face with a non-aerosol hairspray – Hairspray isn’t only just for holding hair anymore. Hairspray will actually set your makeup and keep it in place like nothing else. Its easy to go out dancing and not worry about your makeup if you just spritz hairspray lightly on your face. Your makeup will not streak or run.

* Night Out Beauty Tip #2: Leave off the lower-lid eyeliner – Putting liner on lower-lid can make your eyes look very big. However, your makeup will almost always rub off or smear if you are spending a very active night out dancing. Instead of doing that, just go heavy on the mascara on your lower lashes to achieve the same look without risking smearing later. This is exactly what waterproof mascara is great for (particularly Maybelline XXL). The removal process is tough on lashes so don’t use waterproof Maybelline every day.

* Beauty Tip #3: Get out the baby powder – When you comb baby powder into the the roots of your hair it will prevent it from becoming stringy as the night goes on. I would not use very much at all. If you use too much you will look like George Washington. Just dat a little right onto our scalp and then comb out.

These beauty tips work great for nights out without high maintenance and trouble.

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