Love Handle Exercises – Side Bends Really Won’t Work

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Do any search on the net and you’ll hit a million websites that will promise to strip that fat from your love handles. Fact is, the majority is useless. Designed to sell you some crap diet or some pills.

The side bend is the usual suspect in the exercise for love handles category. You hold something above your head, usually a broom handle or stick and then lean or bend left, then right. Then repeat, repeatedly. Get real! It would be nice if they actually worked.

They rarely work because you are trying to target just one small area. This is very difficult if not impossible. You’ll get a lot of know it alls telling you they do indeed work. Of course they work, but only when they are part of a complete system. Not just targeting one area.

If you do side bends as part of a thorough workout then they will work. Couple the thorough workout with decent eating habits and you’ve cracked it. The fact is, to lose weight (or fat) you need to burn more energy than you consume.

To consume energy simply means to eat food. Burning energy off is done simply by activity or exercise. You can burn energy off (exercise) with any form of activity.

Any of these will do … Swimming, jogging, cycling, walking, and making love even! Any type of exercise is good for you. No exercise is bad for you. The reason a lot of us are overweight is we eat food that is stuffed with calories. Then we fail to burn those calories off.

You can do love handle exercises for ever and a day but ignore other areas and you will end up back at square one. If you are a naturally lazy person (like me) then swimming is probably your best all round exercise. If you have access to a pool, use it. The benefits are immense.

I personally turn my nose up at jogging. I see no point in spending hours in pain and shortening the life of your knees. The guy who popularised jogging actually died while out jogging in a park somewhere. Ironically discovered by two smokers walking past.

If it’s time you took action on your weight & lifestyle you need to get an all round system that you can work with. Not some new fancy fad diet but a solid system that’s proven to work and isn’t too harsh as to turn you off completely. Check out (probably) the best five systems that are out there at this site …

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