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Hi everybody,
I set up this website as a place for anybody who may be interested in getting information on how to get rid of subcutaneous fat , add muscle and just in general wants to get healthier, increase performance and/or look better.

Any of you males out there tired of being wimpy fragile small creatures? Has your weight increased and not in a way you would like?

Women, are all the curves in the right places?

Don’t worry , there’s help. Inside there’s information for burning off fat and adding muscle, with reviews of the best diet, nutrition and exercise sites on the web. So you can learn from the best people in the industry. All you’ve got to do is decide which one fits your needs the best.

You’ll find several systems that are primarily diet oriented , a few that are training focused and several that promote products that will compliment your workouts with exercise equipment. You will learn how to add muscle and lose fat from all of them.

You will find that no workout will make up for poor nutrition , but good dietary habits will make up for a bad training plan or none at all. So even the masters that offer training oriented sites will also provide you with the best dietary information to get rid of fat and put on muscle.

A simple rule to remember , in your effort to get rid of fat, is to burn fat as opposed to starving fat. To burn the fat you do anaerobic exercises to put on muscle. You will then burn fat during your rest and recovery period over the next 24 – 48 hours. If you try to starve it, you will only induce your system to go into starvation mode and it will then try to store more fat. EAT MORE, EAT BETTER and EXERCISE HARD.

Some of these sites offer a members only area where you can join a group and learn things from other members . Some memberships are part of the package and don’t have an extra cost. Others will be an insiders club that will have a recurring membership fee. You will be able to talk with people that have the same problems as you and find out how they overcame them. There are even transformation contests to motivate you to get the body you desire.

Here’s a great all around site if you’re searching for the best of both worlds (exercise and nutrition all in one; No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince Delmonte.

This is a good site with a huge members area, containing the latest information on bodybuilding and nutrition with a huge amount of additional materials. See my Nonsense Muscle Bulding review.

So whether your interested in getting the best and latest in training science and/or you want to know the best diet and nutrition guide-lines to follow, I’ve grouped them all together for you in one site. Diet and training go together, you can’t lose fat and gain muscle unless you follow both.

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