Like Grease In Your Oven….Belly Fat Is Stubborn!

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Like Grease In Your Oven….Belly Fat Is Stubborn!
Out of all the fat all over your body your belly fat is the most stubborn to get rid of, the most difficult to reduce and requires a lot of dedication and hard work to shed it. Learning how to get rid of the belly fat means letting go of that beer belly you have grown accustomed to and begin the steps to flattening your belly. Burning belly fat can be a slow and painful process but can be successful giving you the hard abs you deserve. Go back often to that poster of the hottie to remind you where your goal is. Fat in your abdomen causes many life threatening and painful health issues such as type II diabetes, inflammation and overloading your vital and cavity organs. Dementia, stroke and heart failure signs may begin to occur at this point.
Everything included you may want to know how to fit diet and exercise in all this?
How to get rid of belly fat? You will not burn belly fat by going on fad yo yo diets and crash diets. If you start a diet but don’t exercise it will lead to losing weight on the scale but actually you are losing both fat and muscle. You will be exhausted and short-tempered. To burn belly fat you must include diet and exercise to be successful. You can slowly bring carbohydrates back into your daily diet however you will have to continue to restrict them until you begin to firm up. Fat and carbs have to be closely guarded to stay strong and firm.
Just sticking to eating the right foods and doing the right exercises will make a huge impact on your success in burning belly fat, that Jelly Belly, Beer Belly, Pot Belly, you get the idea…..

The Truth About Cortisol

When learning how to get rid of belly fat Cortisol comes to mind. Why? It regulates our blood pressure and our carbohydrate metabolism. Cortisol is a new weight loss buzz word. Creating money hording drug companies the opportunity to reap the rewards while we are left with the yo yo effect of weight gain and loss, a broken heart and a jelly belly that keeps on coming back!  Cortisol increases our energy levels by producing glucose. Stress creates an over abundance of Cortisol being released to our adrenal glands. Unused Cortisol creates a build up of energy that is stored in your stomach as fat. Proper rest, actual all night sleeps, are necessary for your body building health.
 Bring your dog, i-pod or best friend on a walk to begin a healthy start to ridding your body of belly fat! One of the best ways to start losing belly fat!

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